CSS - General


Maximum Width

To set the maximum width of your entire campaign site use the following code snippet, changing the 1400px value to one that matches how wide you want your campaign content to be. This setting does not affect your campaign background image, that is stretched to fill the screen. Common values are 800px, 1024px, 1280px, 1400px, 1600px, the larger the value the wider the content:
/* Page Dimensions - Width */
.campaign-public-layout #content { max-width: 1400px !important; }

Text Alignment

Want to center align text? Place it in a div container titled centered-text like this: <div class="centered-text">Your text here.</div> and place the following code into your CSS:
/* Centered Text */

Any text that you enclose in the centered-text div will automatically be centered now.


This code changes the background color of the tags search results page to white from transparent.
/* Tag Search Results Page Background Color (Transparent By Default), this change makes the tag results page white, without it the page is transparent and impossible to read */
.wiki-list-tag {background-color: white}

This change allows you to color code your tags.
/* Color Coded Tagging, use these lines to change the font color and background color, data-tag= is the tag (case sensitive), background-color: is the "bubble" color around the tag text, color: is the color of the tag text */
.campaign-public-layout #content a[data-tag="player"] {background-color: #365BCE;
color: #ffffff;-webkit-border-radius:1000px;
padding:0.1875em 0.625em 0.25em;

Specifically that code changes the player tag to white text in a blue bubble, it will show up that way on every single page/character/item/adventurelog that has the player tag. Use this website to find the hex codes for colors that you like: http://www.color-hex.com/

CSS - General

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